Periscope Broadcast- 8/24/2015

At 3:30 pm ET, I will be broadcasting live on Periscope about Virgo Season and how you can harness some of the upcoming energy.

Search for “Dive Deep Astro” in the free Periscope app to find me and join in.

Hope to see you there!!

2 thoughts on “Periscope Broadcast- 8/24/2015

  1. I know nothing about Periscope. Went in on my laptop to find your broadcast and I cannot even find a mechanism to search for the video. Is it available, or must you watch in real time?

    1. Sorry for the late reply

      With Periscope, you can download the free app for either Android or iOS and watch it live. Search for “Dive Deep Astro”. Replays are available for 24 hours after filming and can be found the same way or by clicking on the link I share. I am also considering using other methods of broadcast, weighing pros and cons to best suit myself and those who want what I have to share.

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