PSA: No, You Are Not An Aries/Taurus/Gemini/etc.

Astrological zodiac signs ARE NOT people.


There are no Gemini’s. There are some people with their sun in Gemini however. There are no Pisces’s. There are people who have some (never all) planets and/or points that are colored by Piscean energy.

Let astrology open you up to the multifaceted you. Not a diminished caricature or incomplete picture. Astrology has focused on more than just the zodiac signs for centuries across most civilizations. Don’t sell it or yourself short by reducing who you are to just your sun sign.


Back to Basics and Social Graces- Mercury Retrograde September 2015

Mercury will go retrograde tomorrow in the sign of Libra. Time to get back to basics of social graces, especially considering that a lunar eclipse in Aries will be happening soon. Don’t cry and scream bloody murder. Just take your time and allow for flubs and delays.

Mercury– lower consciousness, how we filter information, how we process the world around us into usable pieces

Libra– cardinal air, enterprising, forward thinking, leader and connector, fresh ideas with a concentration on relationship/partnership

Mercury retrograde in Libra– time to reassess and reevaluate relationships/partnerships and their quality, time to see just how shallow we may have been and what we have overlooked  in a quest to connect, time to explore and explain how we desire to connect and share our creative endeavors

** Not necessarily a good time to start a new partnership or relationship. Best to figure out what isn’t working within what you already have or get clear on the qualities you want to seek out**

April 2015 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse- When should us become me?

Hey good peoples! I hope this post finds you well, especially seeing as how it is a bit late. I think it is time for me to reevaluate my relationship with my internet provider lol.

Even with this post going up after the Libra full moon and eclipse, it still has useful information that you can use. Planetary energies and configurations don’t just magically poof away the second they move out of tight configurations. The energies build and recede. This is especially true of of the moon because the cycle of the moon waxes and wanes. New and full moons are high points in the lunar cycle. Full moons are high points that signal a full to bursting energy that has built up since the new moon.Sweet Moon Phases

Going forward from a full moon, we should be looking to clear away things and pieces of us that do not fit in with or assist us in our journey. There is still time to do so with this Libra full moon that asks us to look at relationships in our lives that we go forwardforward and acquiesce in because of our emotions but are at odds with our individuality and journey to embody our highest self.

Here’s the video. Enjoy.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 10/2014

There is a blood moon ahead *cue spooky music*


A full moon and lunar eclipse will take place at 6:49am Eastern Time. The sun will be at 15° Libra and the moon will be at its fullest opposite it. Full moons signal a push for completion and fulfillment of goals that we started at the beginning of the lunar cycle. Toss in a lunar eclipse and the need to reach completion and release is heightened.

The emotional need to assert our individual self is ripe. Aries houses both the moon and Uranus so moments can happen that beg us to burst forth in emotionally erratic and eccentric ways. Opposite the sun in Libra, we could walk a tightrope between me and we that seems a bit shakier than usual.


The moon’s nodes are involved in this full moon and eclipse. The Nodes are mathematical points where the orbit of the moon intersect the ecliptic. In simple terms, it is where the moon crosses the sun’s path. This moon will sit tightly with the south node, the instinctual things that come natural. The sun sits tightly with the north node, the new things we yearn to cultivate. Use this info and your knowledge of the Aries/Libra axis as you will. (I would suggest that while you strive to “be yourself”, you push to do so in relationships that fulfill you and stretch you to define more than just your differences)

All in all, this full moon and eclipse could bring a lot of relationship issues to the forefront. Even the relationship we have with ourselves. Howl if you need to but maybe you should cry out with (and to) a good friend.

Mercury Retrograde October 2014

Welcome to the last Mercury Retrograde of the year! I know most folks aren’t likely to find this to be an awesome time but I am one of few who appreciates what it can bring without having mercury retrograde in my own birth chart.

Today, October 4th, the retrograde period actually begins. The planet of the lower mind, communication, language, short travels, transportation, siblings, and logic appears to backtrack through the sky and cause chaos on earth. Computers will crash. Planes will fall out of the sky. The world will devolve into a lawless place where logic and reason are no more!!!


Not really. Yes, there is potential for screw ups but that is mainly because we go completely against the grain of what the planet is showing us. If the planet of communication slowed down and revisited where it has traveled over the last 2 weeks then we should too. Retrograde periods are made for reviewing, refining, and reevaluating. Take a page from the planet and do the same. Of course the sign that Mercury is traveling through means something as well and this period will see it through the beginning of Scorpio and almost halfway in Libra.

Mercury in Scorpio is inquisitive but in an intense way. It tends to just know things but this is the result of a keen instinct and detailed observation. Scorpio confers a bluntness and directness of speech to Mercury along with a passion that can be off putting or inspiring depending on the audience. When mercury is in Scorpio, as a whole, we tend to look to the occult and the darker things in life. We begin to plan our strategies for next year and look to the resources that we have at our disposal.

Mercury in Libra wants to speak fairly and diplomatically but has a tendency to do so from a cold distance. There is a instinct to measure and compare in order to find the value or logic in things and that can cause indecision if there is a lot of data to use. Not one to try to ruffle feathers, mercury in Libra will communicate in a tactful manner until it sees no other choice. As a whole, when mercury is in Libra we tend to evaluate ourselves in relation to the world around us. We think about what types of relationships and partnerships would add to our cache and seek them out. We charm and quietly dazzle to make the connections we want so that we can continue on in our all around fulfilment.

When Mercury back tracks through Scorpio, it’s time to review the observations that we have made recently, especially in our intimate partnerships.
     ~Did we focus too much on the bad or skipped it all together?
     ~Did our emotional quest to get to the bottom of things cause us to manipulate the people we care about?

When Mercury returns to Libra, revisiting where we may have caused imbalance in our lives can be crucial.
     ~Did we give up too much to others in order to receive validation in a relationship?
     ~Did we overlook where we could have asked for more in order to not rock the boat?

All of this is great information to start off with, along with the usual tips- try not to sign new contracts or make big purchases, reread everything before you send it out, back up all electronics, and make back up plans for delays in travel. Where these problems could affect you mostly depends on what planets Mercury touches and which houses it traverses all in your birth chart. Pull up your chart if you have it and if it looks like scribbles and swirls, then schedule a consultation with me and I’ll help you decipher it.


Don't just stare at NGT. Schedule your consultation already

The important thing is to do what you can to go back mentally before moving forward. Mercury retrograde doesn’t have to be chaos and craziness. It can be a useful time to figure things out as well.