PSA: No, You Are Not An Aries/Taurus/Gemini/etc.

Astrological zodiac signs ARE NOT people.


There are no Gemini’s. There are some people with their sun in Gemini however. There are no Pisces’s. There are people who have some (never all) planets and/or points that are colored by Piscean energy.

Let astrology open you up to the multifaceted you. Not a diminished caricature or incomplete picture. Astrology has focused on more than just the zodiac signs for centuries across most civilizations. Don’t sell it or yourself short by reducing who you are to just your sun sign.


May 3rd Scorpio Full Moon- Let go to hold on

Full moon in Scorpio hits May 3rd at 11:42pm ET. Both the sun and moon will be square to Jupiter in Leo.

Full moon in Scorpio– Deep emotional attachment to hopes and dreams that you have been in the process of working on. Desire to go deeper while still holding on. Willingness to sacrifice for objectives is due to emotional connection to the end goal outweighing present circumstances.

Moon in Scorpio opposite Sun in Taurus- emotional need to connect may be at odds with conscious desire to acquire. Head and heart are at odds, mostly in areas of values and possessions. Unconscious issues with worthiness may drive us all. Find balance or get lost in the impasse.

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Sun in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo–  Our desire to evaluate the material and personal possessions and values we have may be spurred on optimistic pride. Things might seem better than they are and we may look to move forward with a false sense of security. Patience is needed to sort thru issues.

Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo– our emotional connection to the people and things we hold dear may be clouded by optimism. Our excitement over small gains may spur us to go to far. Giving too much without considering the long term consequences may inspire us to plot revenge later. Temper optimisim with realistic thinking to avoid overindulgence.

Taurus Full Moon 11/2014

So the Taurus full moon is taking place on 11/6 around 5:30pm ET. It opposes the sun in Scorpio (of course) and opposes Venus in Scorpio as well.

Full moons are a great time to look at our progress and make adjustments. This full moon happens in the axis of personal wealth and community wealth. It speaks to what we attain for ourselves and what we share with others. What we keep for ourselves and what we eliminate for the good of others.

This full moon would be good for us to think about these themes, especially when we see that Venus is in the sign of intimacy and transform. What possessions are we emotionally attached to that may be forcing us into a pattern of stagnation? Our higher consciousness and inherent ability to attract the things and people that we need want to streamline and transform, to make room for deeper and unseen connections while the effect of the Taurus full moon assists us in languishing in what we have accumulated.

Balancing the need to hold on and let go is at the heart of this configuration but the added energy of Venus in Scorpio asks us all to share what we have to make room for more. Yes, Scorpio energy can be possessive but at its heart it yearns to connect and meld with a select few.

I have inside knowledge cause I’m a Scorpio sun lol