About Dive Deep Astrology

Astrology can assist in understanding ourselves better so that we can begin to move along the road to happiness with more ease and grace. Whether that road starts with romance, career, spirituality, family, or good health is up to us to choose. More than just your sun sign, there are several different components to who you are that are mirrored in your birth chart and understanding them can assist you in understanding yourself.

My name is Dana and I have been studying astrology for over 25 years. Along with teaching myself thru research, I have attended classes and courses with professionals like Samuel F. Reynolds and Kevin Burke. Astrology has been one of my tools for self discovery and for connection. I also employ Numerology and Tarot/Oracle cards as tools for understanding and insight as well. If you are ready to go deep and uncover all the pieces of yourself, to move that full self into alignment with the natural timing of the universe for that extra push, schedule your consultation with me today!



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