Full Moon 12/2016- Reviewing Our Stories

Hey good peoples. It’s Full Moon day. At 7:05 pm ET, the Moon in Gemini will be opposite the Sun in Sagittarius at 22 degrees. When you look at the chart you notice that the moon is almost all by it’s lonesome on one side of the chart while most of the other planets are clustered and collected on the other. Seems ominous and heavy, doesn’t it? Meh…lol. Ominous? Not really. Heavy? Just a bit.

As I always write, full moons are about culmination and revelation. It’s the mountaintop, the pinnacle at which we take stock of all we have just done and figure out what we can leave behind that we just picked up. What stories and half truths did you pick up this go round? What truths did we stop ourselves from telling because of something deep inside of ourselves? When the new moon for this cycle started, the sun and moon were squaring Neptune and moving close to Saturn. I shared about how this cycle could be about moving forward in the search for truth by doing something different and how we could benefit from some loose structure because finding that string of truth could be a little hinky.

Now the moon’s close opposition to Saturn suggests that getting serious about enacting boundaries and sifting thru the stories that we have collected should be on our agenda. The Moon in Gemini feels very comfortable collecting all different types of information and tidbits.It’s fed by differing perspectives; constantly moving about as curiosity dictates. Seems great but at some point, we have to settle down and delve into what we have collected. Saturn is in mutable Sag but it still helps to give some grounding and desire for truth to the flights of fancy and magic that the Moon wants us to go on. While the Sun in Sagittarius wants us to go far in our search, the Moon in Gemini calls for us to stick closer to home and our hearts for what we need.

Considering that Mercury will be going retrograde soon and that the full moon trines Mars in Aquarius, reviewing and processing things could be good for us right now. An early start to assessing not just this last cycle but this past year  for the untruths that we told others and our selves so that we can move forward bolstered by the words we speak and the stories we weave. Of course looking at the house that the full moon falls in in your chart can give you some personal insight into where to look first. Balancing our sun driven need to venture out broadly with our moon driven desire to speak on our emotions is key to making the best of these next two weeks. Completely doable so don’t fret y’all. We got this.


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