Venus in Aries- May 2014

Venus moved into Aries on May 3rd of 2014 and I don’t think that most folks felt it. They didn’t consciously understand the shifting of “us” centered values to “I” centered values due to Mars currently moving in a retrograde motion through Libra. That still doesn’t mean that it didn’t shift. Thoughts of what makes us feel loved are simmering below the surface; slowly bubbling up to get our undivided attention. Aries does not care for playing second fiddle so when Venus moves through it we all focus on ourselves a bit more. There is nothing wrong with this. We need to check in on ourselves occasionally to make sure that we are being filled, appreciated, and valued in all of our relationships. Venus in Aries makes sure that we do so and don’t necessarily apologize for it. 


We are focused on attracting things that makes us feel unique with this placement. Relationships, situations, and people that value our individuality and ability to strike out into newness are what our hearts yearn for. Inject some spontaneity into your current relationship or try a new place to find a date. Love is passionate under this placement but also self centered. When Venus meets up with Uranus in Aries expect some insights into your current relationships that could expand on where you need to readjust the “I/US” balance and allow you to figure out some missing hidden piece of yourself that has been neglected in your relationships.We value boldness, brashness, and a can do attitude right now. Enjoy it.


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