Moon in Aries


When some one is born with their moon in Aries, we can expect to see someone who is a fiery ball of emotions. The moon is astrology indicates our emotional nature, our need for security, and to some degree our childhood experiences and eating habits. So when the moon is in Aries when someone is born, we can expect someone that is more likely to act on their emotions than talk or think about them for too long. Aries is all about action, quick and swift. It’s a cardinal sign so the person with their moon in Aries will get caught up on the first feeling  and often run with it until they are out of steam, unless they make a concentrated effort to slow down. In order to feel safe and emotionally fulfilled they need to have the ability to be autonomous. Even in relationships, they will need to feel like they are their own seprarate entity. Smothering will have them running for the hills. Moon in Aries instills a volatile emotional nature but it doesn’t usually last long. They will take swift action but will move on to the next emotion just as quick as the picked up on the last one.


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