New Moon 12/2016- Slow and Steady

A new moon is coming in Capricorn at 1:53 am ET. All that new moon energy is swirling around at 7 degrees of the Sea Goat, talking to a distracted Mercury at 6 degrees. The new moon is a great time to set new intentions. ff103-capricorn1Take note that with Mercury being retrograde that you will most likely have to revisit the plans you make. Capricorn is cardinal earth. So good intentions to set could center around long term goals, practical plans, taking care of your bones, and assessing your responsibilities. Take it slow and steady. Capricorn is hardly ever in a rush. It takes pleasure in playing the long game. Take a note from its book. Especially with Mercury (lower mind) doing a backward sprint thru the sign.


This is a good time to think about what you want and make some small but sure steps towards them. You got time and you got this.