12/21/2014- Winter Solstice and Capricorn’s focus

The Winter Solstice is happening today and a lot is going down. The Sun moves into Capricorn, the last new moon of the year occurs and Uranus goes station direct today.

At 6:17pm ET, the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. We, in the northern hemisphere will experience the longest span of night for the year. Capricornwpid-images.png themes include perseverance and long term planning. How else could you survive the longest night and the harsh of winter that is coming if you don’t plan ahead? Personally, we should all be looking to plant seeds for long term gain right now. Sagittarius teaches us to celebrate in the here and now but Capricorn assures us that it will continually shift and we should be prepared for it.

A cardinal sign, Capricorn is not afraid to move forward but does it with slow yet even sure footedness that turns an acorn into a towering tree in the years to come. Being rooted in earth, Capricorn colors our thoughts with what we need in the material plane right now to sustain ourselves through harsh times. Are you willing or even prepared to tough it out in order to see your wants manifested in 3D?

All of these questions should be asked before we set our intentions for the new moon happening around 8pm ET today. The things we intend to complete this moon cycle should be ones that add bricks to the foundation of our long term goals. Rememberwpid-images-35.jpg.jpeg, Capricorn does produce results but they are often seen only in their full glory down the road a bit. Look to your birth chart to see which house or section of life the new moon occurs in to get an idea of where you should be taking steps to move along your long term goals this moon cycle.

Uranus also goes station direct in Aries today after months of retrograde movement. Everywhere we have seen sparks of revolution setting fire on personal and national levels. The retrograde motion of Uranus didn’t stifle the inspiration but made it much more personal and clouded by personal agendas. As it prepares to move forward, expect new leaders to continue to step forward for fights in personal and human rights. Also lone wolves with manifestos and explosive personalities will continue to rise. A redefining of self and what one person can do will continue to occur. Use this time to continue to be inspired on your personal journey and to inspire others. Not with grand acts but with a seeking and confident sense of self that calls others to do the same. Uranus moves slowly and effects are generational so the full span of what this placement will do will not be fully realized until decades later. Look to your birth chart to see where inspiration of clarification of self may be occurring in your life.


Seize the moment and write your manifesto.

**As always, if you do not know your birth chart or have additional questions, you can always schedule a consultation with me by using the form on the contact me page**

Libra New Moon 2014

There is a stillness with this new moon. Even though Libra is a cardinal sign, there are no major aspects to this configuration. This brings an extra peaceful yet focused energy into play. It almost seems to suggest a meditation like quality to the start of this lunar month. I say plan accordingly. Quiet talks and dulcet pursuits should be on our list for the next day or two. Libra already has a strong appreciation for beauty and tranquility so this should not be too hard.

Perfect moon to spend with a good friend

Perfect moon to spend with a good friend

This isn’t necessarily the time to turn up

Clear and diplomatic negotiations and interactions are good right now. The ability to not take opposition personally, yet still reside confidently in who we are should be the goal. Connect with others. Be social. Support the arts. But keep your raging party animal at bay. Make plans to seek balance and beauty. Appreciate the fine details (Venus rules Libra and Venus is currently in Virgo). Weigh your options this lunar month and take it easy.

New Moon in Aries- March 2014

The new moon is coming up and it’s a doozy folks. If you have hung around the page long enough you know that new moons start each lunar month and that it is a prime time to set intentions and start short term plans and goals. This new moon is happening in Aries where it will also conjunct Uranus and square Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer.

Aries Moon-by D.Eskridge

What does all of that goobley gook mean? Be prepared for your life, your outlook, your environment to change. Emotions will be running high as they always are when the moon moves into Aries. There is a certain amount volatility and losing ourselves to the emotions of the moment that happens at this time. Sometimes it is bravery. Sometimes it is foolishness. Either way, we tend to cross into unplanned territory. When this is combined with the seemingly erratic nature of Uranus ,we get a recipe for spiritual insights and inspirations to shake the very foundation of who we are on an individual level. Aries is all about the single cell, the ego, the unique individual and since our emotions become more in tune with this during the moon’s transit, Uranus will give real insight into who we are and how we yearn to break free. Uranus shocks and Aries is more than capable of being the lone wolf operative that is willing to do so.

The moon and sun will also be in a tense aspect with Pluto and Jupiter. The heavenly bodies of destruction and expansion will be at odds with the yin and yang cores of us. Pluto in Capricorn wants to tear down old traditional power structures. With this setup it will seem to be very hard for us to let go in a way that is quiet or gracious. We may rail and scream but we need to lean into it in the most seamless way that we can. (Since Mars, the ruling planet of Aries is currently retrograde, we may be less inclined to fight for as long as we would). Jupiter in Cancer is also tensly aspecting the new moon. Our desire to connect and expand on our roots and traditions is heavy with this placement and at odds with so many other configurations happening currently. This square might entice us to expand our foothold, especially on an emotional level before we are able to fully disconnect from what no longer serves us.

This new moon wants us to get ready. As much as we want to rush forward, our best bet is to rush inward. Use the insights that we garner during this time to do some serious emotional and spiritual cleaning. The universe seems to be conspiring to help us do so real inner work. Use the courage that is a huge part of Aries to not stop and get the work done. Think twice before you speak. Be kinder to others because we are all feeling overrun and on edge.