Libra New Moon 2014

There is a stillness with this new moon. Even though Libra is a cardinal sign, there are no major aspects to this configuration. This brings an extra peaceful yet focused energy into play. It almost seems to suggest a meditation like quality to the start of this lunar month. I say plan accordingly. Quiet talks and dulcet pursuits should be on our list for the next day or two. Libra already has a strong appreciation for beauty and tranquility so this should not be too hard.

Perfect moon to spend with a good friend

Perfect moon to spend with a good friend

This isn’t necessarily the time to turn up

Clear and diplomatic negotiations and interactions are good right now. The ability to not take opposition personally, yet still reside confidently in who we are should be the goal. Connect with others. Be social. Support the arts. But keep your raging party animal at bay. Make plans to seek balance and beauty. Appreciate the fine details (Venus rules Libra and Venus is currently in Virgo). Weigh your options this lunar month and take it easy.

Aries Stays the Same

When the sun moves into Aries, regardless of the hemisphere, change from the current state of affairs is ushered in. In the southern hemisphere, the change is from the blazing heat of summer to the cooler temperatures of fall. It signals a shift from the high energy, solar-powered frenzy of the spring and summer to a slower paced way of living. Many would say that there is no way to reconcile the differences between the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere ideals of Aries but it really is not that hard.

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When the sun moves into the Cardinal Fire sign, it always signals the embodiment of an enterprising spirit. Aries as a sign is like a young man venturing out on his own for the first time. It reminds us of what it was like to start the journey of making our own way in the word. As far as linking it with the seasons of the Southern hemisphere, how much bravery and boldness would we need to start this journey when the world around us prepares to sleep? A lot and Aries has it in spades. Aries starts the journey when most of the world has finally settled into a groove. Aries wants to see what else is out there and push the boundaries because that is the most natural way for the ego to develop. “I don’t want to be like you so I’m going to change-up the game and do something different” is something that a heavily influenced Aries person would say. How else could the march into a completely different season and natural landscape start?

When the sun moves into Aries, we are all able to search out and let the unique qualities in us shine. We are able to call upon our inner leader to help us take charge of our lives, our personas and our image. No more hemming and hawing about it; the sun in Aries spurs us to move on it. Action is what this energy is after and it will find it by looking for the newest, freshest thing/idea/expression it can find. Ushering in fall is Aries discovering something new after the long hot summer. Instead of the bright, moisture starved colors of summer, Aries decides to shake things up by bringing in a stillness and coolness that no one expected. That is such an Aries thing to do.