Hello Winter and Capricorn Season

Today, the sun is at the farthest point from the Northern Hemisphere. Along night, the longest of the year happened last night and the sign of Capricorn is here to usher us through the growing cold. Happy Winter Solstice!!

I always tend to believe that the ancients who started the science of astrology knew what they were doing when they saw the correlation between the zodiac signs and nature.Hard working and steadfast Capricorn seems like a well suited sign to begin winter with.Wanting long term success, Capricorn is more than willing to put down solid ground work to build the foundation for the Earth to rest while it slumbers. Capricorn knows that the fruits of its’ labor will be well worth it.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. The sign of the sea goat is unafraid of taking action to move towards it goals, as a matter of fact it always seems to be doing so but things rarely come to fruition. That is until years down the line and Capricorn is sitting on top with all of its’ hard work paying off. The earth element brings about a slowness that is not seen in most Cardinal signs. It’s a good thing because just like the earth things take time and sometimes careful planning. Capricorn is manipulative and this could go either way. Without any forethought of others, it can be a sinister and relentless force that is not disguised well for they don’t feel the need to hide their want for finer things and authority. On the other hand, it can be a subtle raising of the bar for not just themselves but those who surround them as well.

Saturn rules Capricorn and gives the sea goat even more of a grounded quality. Saturn represents limits, boundaries, foundations, and the concept of time. When we think of Capricorn all of these energies are emphasised. Saturn allows Capricorn to hold its’ self with an air of dignity and authority when it is unobstructed. Knowing the limits of your authority and power allows you to wield it with a preciseness that is necessary and almost divine. Knowing your boundaries and limits allows you to rest when a recharge is needed and move full steam ahead when you should.

Capricorn and the winter solstice reminds us that rest is not inaction. It is a period where other properties and energies can take root to give us the strength to move forward. It reminds us that slow and steady gives us energy to change the world from a barren landscape to a thriving, flourishing wonder one small step at a time.