May 3rd Scorpio Full Moon- Let go to hold on

Full moon in Scorpio hits May 3rd at 11:42pm ET. Both the sun and moon will be square to Jupiter in Leo.

Full moon in Scorpio– Deep emotional attachment to hopes and dreams that you have been in the process of working on. Desire to go deeper while still holding on. Willingness to sacrifice for objectives is due to emotional connection to the end goal outweighing present circumstances.

Moon in Scorpio opposite Sun in Taurus- emotional need to connect may be at odds with conscious desire to acquire. Head and heart are at odds, mostly in areas of values and possessions. Unconscious issues with worthiness may drive us all. Find balance or get lost in the impasse.

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Sun in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo–  Our desire to evaluate the material and personal possessions and values we have may be spurred on optimistic pride. Things might seem better than they are and we may look to move forward with a false sense of security. Patience is needed to sort thru issues.

Moon in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo– our emotional connection to the people and things we hold dear may be clouded by optimism. Our excitement over small gains may spur us to go to far. Giving too much without considering the long term consequences may inspire us to plot revenge later. Temper optimisim with realistic thinking to avoid overindulgence.

The Incredible Hulk Syndrome- Aries New Moon April 2015

If you feel a bit like you’ve been walking an emotional high wire, you’re not alone. The new moon will happen at 2:57 pm Eastern at 28 degrees of Aries.

We might feel ourselves holding our breathe to keep ourselves in check emotionally. Asserting ourselves when we feel ourselves being emotionally threatened may occur. We might even be in a situation where we find ourselves scrambling for a new way to be our old self. It’s cool though. Or rather, stay cool.

Keeping a cool head is a definite good idea. Remembering that the core of who we are won’t change is a good piece of advice to hold onto in these choppy New moon in Aries waters. Also remember that Aries doesn’t handle fear well. Aries often inspires us to run forward when fear overtakes because it would rather take action than be seen as a coward. I’m not suggesting you run but a moderately placed walk away from your fears and the old might be a good idea.

Walk around. Smell the roses, the perfume, the diesel fuel, whatever floats your boat. Soon you’ll see that you’ve covered miles of new terrain by just focusing on the small things that make you happy. Seems like a great way to start the transition into Taurus Sun Season.

You can always schedule a consultation to get a personal understanding of how this new moon will affect you. Til then, be cool.

April 2015 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse- When should us become me?

Hey good peoples! I hope this post finds you well, especially seeing as how it is a bit late. I think it is time for me to reevaluate my relationship with my internet provider lol.

Even with this post going up after the Libra full moon and eclipse, it still has useful information that you can use. Planetary energies and configurations don’t just magically poof away the second they move out of tight configurations. The energies build and recede. This is especially true of of the moon because the cycle of the moon waxes and wanes. New and full moons are high points in the lunar cycle. Full moons are high points that signal a full to bursting energy that has built up since the new moon.Sweet Moon Phases

Going forward from a full moon, we should be looking to clear away things and pieces of us that do not fit in with or assist us in our journey. There is still time to do so with this Libra full moon that asks us to look at relationships in our lives that we go forwardforward and acquiesce in because of our emotions but are at odds with our individuality and journey to embody our highest self.

Here’s the video. Enjoy.

What’s happening on 3/17/2015

It’s Saint Patrick”s day here in the states but things could be anything but calm. It is still officially Pisces season with the sun making its way through the last few degrees of the sign before the cycle starts again in Aries on March 20th. The goal for all of us is still compassionate integration as a whole but some other aspects are calling for a big change in how we do so.

The moon is in Aquarius, growing darker by the minute as we prepare for a new moon in a few days. The moon in Aquarius doesn’t necessarily stifle emotions but it does force us to think aboutimages them and how they can truly benefit our current circumstance. An uneasy melding of head and heart so to speak.

Mercury is still in Pisces so our thoughts are still turning towards bridging the gap between our reality and dreams. We are thinking of possibilities still and it could  be enhanced by the planets growing conjunction with Neptune. Seeing beyond the veil is possible but the watery planet can give credence to false thoughts and plans when the two meet as well. The connection that Mercury has with Saturn is slowly fading so the ability to dream is growing but don’t forget to look for ways to ground those dreams in reality. Since they are separating, the heaviness and all or nothing feel of our thought process should be lifting a bit.

Venus has just slid into to Taurus so good food, good wine, and physical pleasures should be on the rise for many of us. Venus is very at home in Taurus and can be a bit self indulgent so keep an eye on what you are bringing in, to your body, mind, and spirit. (Folks love to call Venus the planet of the law of attraction)

Mars is still soldiering through Aries. Mars in Aries allows us to think of self in a very clear cut and visceral way. We move on our desires with vigor and focus, not necessarily a lot of planning though. The planet of the human ego is in contact with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto today. The connection to these planets suggests that our will and drive may come from a place of expanding our desire for recognition (Mars trine Jupiter in Leo) but it will not flow so smoothly because sudden influences could have us shaken up to our core (Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries) and looking to secretly rail against opposition in authority(Mars  square Pluto in Capricorn). Self awareness in key to keeping a level head and not making things worse than they already are.

Jupiter is still retrograde in Leo. The planet of expansion, faith, and optimismb23efcb720327598060af06f92014044 is journeying backwards suggesting a need to for us all to reexamine what or WHOM we put our faith in. Retrograde planets ask us to slow down like they do because as humans we have a tendency to rush forward at times without recognizing that our perspective needs to change. Retrograde planets ask us all to reassess our perspective in regards to the energy that the planet represents, in my opinion.


Saturn is station retrograde in Sagittarius meaning that it is about to “go backwards”. Saturn deals with restrictions and boundaries. Sagittarius modifies this energy by asking us to search for the rules and boundaries of the bigger truths. Sagittarius loves to expand but Saturn does the opp osite so this is a conflicting but doable pairing. Be on the lookout for times where you can thoroughly find balance in the rules of your personal philosophy, not too lax and not too strict. Neptune squaring Saturn could have us being a bit hard on our selves but don’t fall into the trap. Look realistically, not harshly, at what you have done and how you can build upon it for the future.

Uranus is in Aries so insight into our personal self can happen today. Neptune is in Pisces so we are still able to see the beauty beyond what is presented but we also can lose sight of reality if we are not careful. Pluto is in Capricorn so we are still looking for ways to make room for new hierarchies and governing structures in our lives. The muck and decay we have tried to hide is coming to the forefront.

There is A LOT of talk about Uranus squaring Pluto lately, seeing as how it is the last of a series of seven that started in 2012. Think about how many seemingly revolutionary movements have taken place in that time period.RWS_Tarot_16_Tower Uranus squared Pluto when the Occupy Movement began in 2013, during the Great Depression of 1930’s, and at the start of the “Gilded Age of America” and the Chinese and Indian famine of the 1870’s. Lots of upheaval and change to long lasting structures took place. The Occupy Movement showcases a very real Uranus in Aries reaction to the crumbling and unearthing influence that Pluto has. It focused on the power of individuals to radical change to the landscape of their nations structures and their lives own lives. Remember, even though Uranus can push us to move quickly, we must keep in my mind that Pluto does not. The change that Pluto makes develop over a long period, for generations so move with purpose and wisdom of not just what you want for today but also what you want for your and your children’s futures.


Keep smiling good peoples and I’ll see you again soon

Full Moon in Leo 2/3- Make yourself purr

I’ve spent the latter part of my day sunbathing on the couch in true feline style, listening to music in true Venus in Pisces style, and laughing with every inch of my being in true moon in Leo style.

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We have a full moon in Leo today around 6pm EST. It opposes the sun in Aquarius of course so balancing the goal of the Many with the emotional needs of the one is highlighted. Mercury is still retrograde in Aquarius so maybe figuring it all out today isn’t the best idea. Maybe, just maybe, we should call on the retrograde Jupiter in Leo energy to have faith in the paths we walk and mix it with some of the Venus and Mars in Pisces magic to compassionately give ourselves a day off. A day to remind of us of why we strive for freedom and equality for all (very Aquarian principles) and how that freedom involves some happiness, joy, and good times for ourselves too. We won’t drift too far from course because Saturn in truth seeking Sagittarius touches on Mercury encouraging to finish work so we can have more time to play.


Indulge in the beautiful things that bring you joy and make you shine today. Commit to stoking your personal fires of love, creativity, and passion this full moon. Shine on you gorgeous creatures

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Full of emotion

Tonights first full moon of 2015 occurs in the sign of Cancer. It is opposite the sun in Capricorn and forms a square to both the North Node in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Lots of cardinal signs involved but there may not be a lot of movement.

Why? Well Cancer is an sign that can impart heavy emotional weight to whatever planet it holds. The moon signifies our emotional nature. Lots of feelings have most likely been swelling for the last day or two and we are looking for a way to release them. Unfortunately, they don’t always come in an orderly fashion.

Which leads to the squaring of Uranus and the moon. Our subconscious need to be emotionally driven is having a difficult time being reconciled with what may come as an unexpected need to assert our individual self. Uranus in Aries gives sudden insight to our own selves as a single unit. This is great but it may not lend its self to a healthy manner in dealing with our emotional turbulence.

The sun in Capricorn focuses our attention onto being responsible and taking measurable steps. This is in opposition to the moon in Cancer needing to feel our way through. Practical and emotional don’t mix easily for most so tensions could rise internally.

The north node in Libra urges us to connect to others to further our purpose but that straight line is being intercepted by the moon in Cancer’s need to emotionally protect self first.

These are not simple configurations but they are livable. Allowing the flow of emotions to come is great. Taking practical steps to act on them is a good next step. Connecting to others in a way that allows for emotional growth of one’s self is another.

Cardinal signs inspire us to do, to move. Remember that small measured steps is still movement.

12/21/2014- Winter Solstice and Capricorn’s focus

The Winter Solstice is happening today and a lot is going down. The Sun moves into Capricorn, the last new moon of the year occurs and Uranus goes station direct today.

At 6:17pm ET, the sun moves into the sign of Capricorn. We, in the northern hemisphere will experience the longest span of night for the year. Capricornwpid-images.png themes include perseverance and long term planning. How else could you survive the longest night and the harsh of winter that is coming if you don’t plan ahead? Personally, we should all be looking to plant seeds for long term gain right now. Sagittarius teaches us to celebrate in the here and now but Capricorn assures us that it will continually shift and we should be prepared for it.

A cardinal sign, Capricorn is not afraid to move forward but does it with slow yet even sure footedness that turns an acorn into a towering tree in the years to come. Being rooted in earth, Capricorn colors our thoughts with what we need in the material plane right now to sustain ourselves through harsh times. Are you willing or even prepared to tough it out in order to see your wants manifested in 3D?

All of these questions should be asked before we set our intentions for the new moon happening around 8pm ET today. The things we intend to complete this moon cycle should be ones that add bricks to the foundation of our long term goals. Rememberwpid-images-35.jpg.jpeg, Capricorn does produce results but they are often seen only in their full glory down the road a bit. Look to your birth chart to see which house or section of life the new moon occurs in to get an idea of where you should be taking steps to move along your long term goals this moon cycle.

Uranus also goes station direct in Aries today after months of retrograde movement. Everywhere we have seen sparks of revolution setting fire on personal and national levels. The retrograde motion of Uranus didn’t stifle the inspiration but made it much more personal and clouded by personal agendas. As it prepares to move forward, expect new leaders to continue to step forward for fights in personal and human rights. Also lone wolves with manifestos and explosive personalities will continue to rise. A redefining of self and what one person can do will continue to occur. Use this time to continue to be inspired on your personal journey and to inspire others. Not with grand acts but with a seeking and confident sense of self that calls others to do the same. Uranus moves slowly and effects are generational so the full span of what this placement will do will not be fully realized until decades later. Look to your birth chart to see where inspiration of clarification of self may be occurring in your life.


Seize the moment and write your manifesto.

**As always, if you do not know your birth chart or have additional questions, you can always schedule a consultation with me by using the form on the contact me page**