Astrology Consultations

Astrology Consultation Schedule and FAQ’s

Consultation Types and Price

Mini Consultation-$45
30 minutes  *best used for asking a single specific question or a checkup*

Full Consultation-$75
Includes an emailed copy of every chart used for the consultation


To schedule your consultation, fill out the form found here 


What do you do as an astrologer?
As an astrologer, I focus on helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your chart so that you can become the best you.

What form or type of astrology do you practice?
I practice what most consider Modern Natal Astrology. However, I use traditional rulers and many other staples of traditional astrology. I am less fatalistic than some who practice the older methods and  more grounded in the tried and true than some who practice the newer ones. I use natal, transit, and return charts in my practice.

How do you conduct your consultations?

All astrology consultations are given by phone, Skype, or Google Hangout. If you are local to the Baltimore/DC Metro area, a face to face meeting might be an option schedule permitting.

Do you ever have deals or specials?

Yup! If you schedule your consultation during your sun sign season, you get 10% off. I also have other specials that will be posted here on this page so don’t forget to check back so that you can save.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Credit, PayPal, and money order are accepted. If you would like to pay cash, contact me


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