Astrology Consultations

Astrology Consultation Schedule and FAQ’s

Consultation Types

Mini Consultation-$47 (only available to Subscribers)
30 minute astrology consultation

Full Consultation-$98
Astrology consultation that typically runs 90 minutes long. Includes an emailed copy of every chart used for the consultation

Tarot/Oracle Cards Consultation-$35

Tarot or Oracle card consultation where you can ask up to three questions maximum

4 Points/Short Zodiac Wheel Consultation-$60

Consultation that combines a mini astrology consultation and card spread that centers around the 4 major angles or points of the birth/transit chart (birth time required)

Full Zodiac Wheel Consultation-$114

Consultation that combines a full astrology consultation and a card spread that utilizes the entire astrology chart wheel


To schedule your consultation, click here


What do you do as an astrologer?
As an astrologer, I focus on helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your chart so that you can become the best you. As such, I give advice and insight based on the information given to me as a spiritual counsel. Nothing stated during a consultation shall be construed as or is implied to be professional legal or medical advice. All clients should consult their doctor and legal counsel for medical and legal concerns.

How do you conduct your consultations?

Consultations are typically conducted over web platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts or by phone. In person (must be in the Baltimore/DC Metro area) consultations might be an option, schedule permitting.

Which methods of payment do you accept and how do I pay my deposit?

Accepted and preferred methods of payment for deposit are:

Do you ever have deals or specials?

  • Yup! Patreon patrons get special rewards like discounted consultations, exclusive content, and more. Head on over to my Patreon page to sign up.
  • I also offer many of the consultations at the Touch The Spirit Psychic Fair for a reduced price. Head on over to the Event page on at Ile Oya Botanica for more info on the next fair


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